Laser Vein Removal

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How to Prepare for Laser Vein Removal

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Laser Vein Removal FAQ
How does laser vein removal work?

During treatment with laser vein removal, a concentrated beam of light from the laser is directed directly at the small blood vessels. Light penetrates beneath the skin's surface and heat causes blood to clot in tiny vessels.

Can lasers be used to remove spider veins?

This laser can be used to treat or fade spider veins and red capillaries. restores the surface of your skin to remove moderate facial wrinkles, shallow scars, or skin discoloration. The Nd:YAG laser is considered “non-ablative”, meaning it does not cut through the top layer of skin.

Can lasers be used to treat varicose veins?

Yes. Laser technology in its current state is very effective in treating these conditions. It is effective, fast, and relatively less painful than the injections used in the past. Patients should consider spider veins versus varicose veins.

How long do you wait between laser treatments?

The interval between treatments is 3 to 6 weeks if some clearance is observed. Treatment is completed when satisfactory results are obtained.

What is an Nd:Yag laser?

The M22 Nd:YAG laser helps treat wrinkles, scars, and skin discolouration by restoring the skin.

Is it good to go out in the sun after laser treatment?

It's not a good idea to expose your skin to excessive sun exposure after laser treatment, and we don't recommend doing so. If this is not possible, minimize sun exposure by applying sunscreen and shading the face or area you just had the laser.

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“The technician (Tony) was very courteous and professional - he explained exactly what he was doing and how the laser worked and, also, gave me a tour with a description of the function of each laser machine."

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"I was very pleased with your professionalism and the cleanliness of your equipment and salon. I also appreciated how you explained everything to me and the purpose of both of the lasers you used. A very positive experience! Thanks!"

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