We believe in helping people and this is why our life's journey is involved with searching out the miracles of healing and rejuvenation. We are thrilled to share our many secrets with the Calgary Community.

It is true, we can do things a typical laser clinic cannot and this comes with experience and a decade of travelling to medical expos annually to constantly stay on-top of technology and methodology. Calgary Laser Health has re-invested over the past 11 years, now serving at three locations including two Oasis Medical Centres.

If you are looking for a procedure there is no better place than Calgary Laser health for your needs. From hair removal, mole removal. Chinese acupuncture to vaginal tightening teeth whitening and more, they have every service you can expect from a laser clinic available at your disposal. Call today for a free consultation at one of three laser clinic locations in Calgary.

Dr. Sourang:

We believe, less doctor visits means your body has found inner balance and vitality. This is what we can 'Chi'. In Chinese Medicine we take great pride in healing and my eternal wish is that you find your Chi so you can live your life with joy.

Our laser technician [Tony Khuu] is also a managing partner of CLH. His aptitude and dexterity is at least as capable as the trainers at medical colleges and academies. He is known internationally by laser equipment suppliers, and has trained at international trade shows that he attends bi-annually. 

Dr. Magerman of Oasis Medical Centres approached CLH (based on reputation), to offer services to their medical patients. CLH now operates at two of their locations. Dr. Magerman has expressed they are thrilled to have Tony's professional skills and strategic advice that helps the Oasis-Medical-Group every day.

Closer to the heart, Tony is also a martial artist and former amateur wrestler (olympic style) that represented Canada at the worlds as the Canadian champion in his weight class. Go Canada!

Warning: People have purchased cheap laser-clinic services online only to find they needed several more treatments and payments. This is why we believe it is important to call and ask about your specific situation before committing to anything. If there are disclaimers, they should be informative so that there are no surprises."  ​

3 Calgary Locations



112 - 108 3 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0E7



19606 Walden Blvd SE #120, AB T2X 4C3



736 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0B8