Laser Teeth Whitening Info

Laser teeth whitening can be done at one of our three clinics. We will first examine the person's teeth to see if they are healthy enough for laser whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that uses lasers to make tooth surfaces whiter by removing stains and discoloration. This treatment can be done only on natural tooth surfaces, not on crowns or veneers.

There are many reasons as to why people would want to get their teeth whitened. Some people do it because they are not happy with the color of their teeth, while others might need it because of some dental procedure they’ve undergone.

The most common treatment for a whiter smile is laser teeth whitening. It is a painless and quick procedure that will leave your teeth 2-8 shades whiter. The process is done by shining a chemical-free light onto your teeth and gradually increasing the intensity for around 45 minutes.

Enjoy the new you.